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Theme: “Joining P&OM forces worldwide: Present and future of Operations Management”

This theme represents the spirit of the P&OM World Conferences and aims to encourage the P&OM World to join together during a challenging time of global change and increasing competition. The worldwide P&OM community needs to propose  ways  to  help  companies  to  face  a  World  of  growing  complexity  and changing requirements. There are many open questions: Which is the current situation of OM and its challenges for the future”, “How might OM help to catch up with the growing complexity of the global production networks"?, “Which are the suitable new directions for services operations management research, policy and practice?”,“How to  increase or  at  least  to  maintain  competitiveness and performance while being sustainable?”, “How might operations management contribute  to  solve  major  actual  humanitarian  &  environmental  challenges?”,  “How  will  the  industrial  Internet  /  industry  4.0  change  efficiency  and effectiveness?”. The 5th World P&OM Conference seeks to answer to these and other  important  questions  through  the  synergy  created  by  the  sharing  the knowledge and experience of P&OM scholars from all over the world.

Following this idea, special attention has been paid to redefining the keynote sessions, where in a single session not one, but at least 3 keynote speakers will share their opinions on important topics in our discipline and encourage the audience to take part in the debate. About 20 keynote speakers from all over the world have agreed to join forces and collaborate in this enriching new experience in plenary and semi-­‐plenary sessions. 

In addition, about 40 well-­‐known OM scholars from all over the world have agreed to collaborate in this joint effort by organizing around 30 invited sessions and 5 invited tracks on hot topics in our discipline.  

This  Conference  intends  to  collaborate  in  building  strong  foundations  for  the future of P&OM, supported by three pillars that should always be interconnected: research, practice and teaching. Papers on all topics related to research, practice and teaching of Production and Operations Management in Industry and Service sectors are invited, in particular the topics below should be addressed as well as the specific topics shown in the invited sessions.



1.   Behavioural Operations

2.   Capacity Management, Planning and Control

3.   Decision Support Systems in Operations

4.   Disaster Management

5.   Business models and Operations

6.   International/Global Operations  

7.   Healthcare Operations Management

8.   High Performance Manufacturing

9.   Human Resource Management aspects in Operations Management

10. Humanitarian Logistics and Operations

11. Information Systems in Operations

12. Information Technology-­‐Driven  Operations and Supply Chain Management

(including IOT (internet of things)-­‐ Industry 4.0)

13. Inventory Management

14. Lean and Agile Operations

15. Logistics Management and Physical Distribution

16. Managing Change in Operations

17. Managing Inter-­‐Firm Relationships in Supply Chains

18. Managing the Operations Interface

19. Mass Customization and Operations

20. Next Generation Operations

21. Operations in the Public Sector

22. Operations Management in ETO-­‐type industries

23. Operations Management in Regional Economies and Development

24. Operations Planning, Scheduling and Control

25. Operations Risk Management and Resilience

26. Operations Strategy

27. Performance Measurement and Operations Management

28. Plant Location, Design and Layout

29. Product and Service Development

30. Project Management

31. Purchasing and Procurement and sourcing

32. Reliability and Maintenance

33. Research methods in POM

34. Retail Operations

35. Revenue Management in Operations

36. Sales & Operations Planning

37. Service Operations Management

38. Servitization

39. Supply Chain Management

40. Supply Network Design

41. Sustainability    in    Operations    and    Logistics    (including     Social    and evironmental aspects)

42. Teaching and Learning in Operations Management (innovation experiences are encouraged. Cases, Games and Simulations are included)

43. Technology Management in Operations

44. Total Quality Management, Kaizen and Six Sigma

And also:

Invited track on: Scholarship in Operations and Supply Chain Management: Innovations in Research and Teaching (open for submissions)

Organised   by:   Janet   Godsell   (University   of   Warwick,   UK.   EurOMA   Board. )

Track content:


Wickham Skinner is regarded as one of the founding fathers of modern Operations

& Supply Chain Management (O&SCM). In his seminal 1969 Harvard Business Review article, Skinner was the first to make the link between corporate and manufacturing strategy. Skinner s observations were grounded in over a decade of employment with Honeywell and were driven by a desire to solve the O&SCM problems he had witnessed. Over 40 years later, in his 2010 keynote address at the Decision Science, Skinner expressed concerns that O&SCM was losing its industrial relevance, as academics focused on publication ( taking from the system ) and not solving the big problems of today.

Scholarship in O&SCM is a holistic and integrative process based on insights and perceptions gained from a scholars consultancy, application, teaching and research activities. The purpose of this track is to share perspectives on innovative practices in teaching, research, and the synergies created between them.

To reflect the discursive and emergent nature of the track we welcome suggestions for papers, poster sessions and workshops that exemplify how different aspects of scholarship in O&SCM can be advanced.

Invited track on: Managing Industry-­‐Academic  Collaboration in Operations

Management (open for submissions)


Organised by: Ben Clegg ( , Aston University, UK. EurOMA Board. ) and Jan Olhager ( , Lund University, Sweden. Past EurOMA VP Finance. )

Track content:

This special track will focus on how to manage the process for industry-­‐academic collaboration, how to make research more relevant to practice, and how to increase and improve collaboration between academics and professionals to increase the impact which OM research can have beyond academia. We specifically invite papers which:

.        describe the process of successful practice based research

.        discuss the do and don ts of engagement with industry and professionals

.        advise on intellectual property issues, contractual terms and conditions etc.

.        reveal which sort of methodologies work effectively and why

.        investigate which theories are and aren t contemporary and relevant

.        guide data collection and validation

.        inform how to make reciprocal knowledge transfer work

.        advise on how universities should attract more industry and professional interactions

.        enlighten the valorisation process to ensure academia, industry and the wider society benefit through collaboration.

This stream is not focused upon the outcomes of applied research per se, rather the approaches by which it is effectively delivered. Novel approaches and papers co-­‐authored with people from industry and professional organisations are particularly welcome. We wish this track to be interactive and lively so that the above points can be debated.

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