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5thWorld Production and Operations Management Conference P&OM Havana 2016

 Invited tracks and sessions (Organizer : Jose. A.D.Machuca)

 Invited Tracks -­‐ P&OM Havana 2016

There  will  be  3  invited  tracks  devoted  to  3  important  global  manufacturing surveys (HPM, GMRG, IMSS). These tracks will be managed by their respective leaders and  comprise a  number  of  sessions with  papers from their respective surveys.

There will be 2 more tracks on two important topics for Operations Management. These 2 tracks are open for contributions from all interested OM scholars


High Performance Manufacturing Project (HPM)

BarbaraFlynn (Indiana University, USA. DSI fellow)  

RogerSchroeder (University of Minnesota Twin Cities, USA. POMS and DSI fellow)

 Global Manufacturing Research Group (GMRG)

ClayWhybark (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA. Past DSI President. Fellow

of DSI and Pan Pacific Business Association)

BrianFynes (University College Dublin, Ireland. Past EurOMA VP membership) 

 International Manufacturing Strategy Survey (IMSS)

Matteo Kalchschmidt (Universitá di Bergamo, Italy)

 These tracks will be preceded by an initial invited session entitled:

 Global Manufacturing Surveys: present and future

 Speakers: Roger Schroeder (HPM), Brian Fynes (GMRG), Matteo Kalschmidt(IMSS)

 Scholarship in Operations and Supply Chain Management: Innovations in Research and Teaching

 Organised by:

 Janet Godsell (University of Warwick, UK. EurOMA Board)

 This track be preceded by the semi-­‐plenary keynote session entitled: 

 Envisaging the Future of Scholarship in Operations and Supply Chain Management that  will  set  the  scene  by  exploring  the  topic  from  different  global  perspectives (Asian,  European  and  US).  Confirmed  speakers  include  Zhao  Xiande  (CEIBS  – Shanghai-­‐China), Janet Godsell (WMG, University of Warwick-­‐UK), Lisa Ellram (Miami University-USA, Thomas Choi (Arizona State University-USA. DSI at President at large)

 This track is open for abstracts submission

Track content:

 Wickham  Skinner  is  regarded  as  one  of  the  founding  fathers  of  modern  Operations  & Supply  Chain  Management   (O&SCM).  In  his  seminal  1969  Harvard  Business  Review article,  Skinner  was  the  first  to  make  the  link  between  corporate  and  manufacturing strategy.  Skinners  observations  were  grounded  in  over  a  decade  of  employment  with Honeywell and were driven by a desire to solve the O&SCM problems he had witnessed. Over  40  years  later,  in  his  2010  keynote   address   at  the  Decision   Science,  Skinner expressed concerns that O&SCM was losing its industrial relevance, as academics focused on publication (taking from the system) and not solving the big problems of today. Scholarship   in  O&SCM   is  a  holistic   and   integrative   process   based   on  insights   and perceptions   gained   from   a  scholars   consultancy,   application,   teaching   and  research activities.  The  purpose  of this  track  is to share  perspectives  on  innovative  practices  in teaching, research, and the synergies created between them.

To reflect  the discursive  and emergent  nature  of the track we welcome  suggestions  for

papers,   poster   sessions   and   workshops   that   exemplify   how   different   aspects   of scholarship in O&SCM can be advanced.

We look forward to your participation and contribution to this important track.

  Managing Industry-­‐Academic Collaboration in Operations Management

 Organised by:

 Ben Clegg (Aston University, UK. EurOMA Board)

Jan Olhager (Lund University, Sweden. Past EurOMA VP Finance)

 This track is open for abstracts submissions

 Track content:

This special track will focus on how to manage the process for industry-­‐academic collaboration, how to make research more relevant to practice, and how to increase and improve collaboration between academics and professionals to increase the impact which OM research can have beyond academia. We specifically invite papers which:

.           describe the process of successful practice based research

.           discuss the do and donts of engagement with industry and professionals

.           advise on intellectual property issues, contractual terms and conditions etc.

.           reveal which sort of methodologies work effectively and why

.           investigate which theories are and arent contemporary and relevant

.           guide data collection and validation

.           inform how to make reciprocal knowledge transfer work

.           advise on how universities should attract more industry and professional interactions

.           enlighten the valorisation process to ensure academia, industry and the wider society benefit through collaboration.


This stream is not focused upon the outcomes of applied research per se, rather the approaches by which it is effectively delivered. Novel approaches and papers co-­‐authored with people from industry and professional organisations are particularly welcome. We wish this track to be interactive and lively so that the above points can be debated.

Invited Sessions -­‐   P&OM Havana 2016

 More than 30 well-­‐known OM scholars from all over the world (see below) have agreed to join forces and will be organizing invited sessions. At this moment, the following ones have been already agreed (shown in alphabetical order together with the corresponding organizers):


 Building a worldwide OM academic community: Perspectives from around the globe

Brian Fynes (University College Dublin, Ireland. EurOMA-­‐ Past VP Membership)

 Business Models: The OM perspective

Andy Smart (University of Exeter, UK) Chander Velu (University of Cambridge, UK)

Collaborating in POM academic teams effectively

Rachna Shah (University of Minnessota – USA)

 Distribution in emerging markets

Jan Fransoo (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. POMS-­‐ VP Europe)

 Dynamic game models in supply chain management

    Xishu Li (Erasmus University-The Netherlands)

   Suresh Sethi (University of Texas at Dallas-USA . POMS Past president, Fellow of POMS, INFORMS, IEEE, SIAM and RSC)

 Dynamic Networks: Trends in Global Logistics and SCM (Asia-­‐US-­‐Europe)

Christian Durach and Frank Strausse (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)

 Emerging Information Technologies and their Implications on Value Creation Process of the Firm

Michiya Morita (Gakushuin University-Japan, JOMSA Past president)

  Empirical Modelling and Simulation in OM

Andreas Groessler (Radboud-­‐Universität Nijmegen, The Netherlands. EurOMA-­‐VP Education and Meetings)

 Environmental Sustainability in Supply Chains

WernerJammernegg (Vienna University of Economics and Business) Tina Wakolbinger (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

 Exploring new theories in SCM research

RobertHandfield (North Carolina State University, USA) Andreas Wieland (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)

 Global Manufacturing Surveys

Roger Schroeder (University of Minnesota Twin Cities, USA. POMS and DSI fellow)

Clay Whybark (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA. Past DSI President. Fellow of DSI and Pan Pacific Business Association)

Matteo Kalchschmidt (Universitá di Bergamo, Italy)

 Global manufacturing strategy of Japanese firms

 Professor Junjiro Shintaku (The University of Tokyo- Japan)

 Global supply chains

Sridhar Seshadri (Indian School of Business. Fellow Institution of Engineers-­‐India)

 Health care operations management

 Vedat Verter (McGill University, Canada)

 Humanitarian Logistics

Gerald Reiner (Universitaet Klagenfurt, Austria. EurOMA Board)

Jaume Ribera (IESE-­‐Spain, CEIBS-­‐Shanghai-­‐China. EurOMA-­‐ Past president)

Innovation of Automobile Manufacturing: Developing Advanced Toyota Production Systems at TOYOTA U.S.A

 Kakuro Amasaka (Aoyama Gakuin University, JOMSA Past President)

International operations management in times of global turbulence

Afonso Fleury (Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brasil. POMS-¬‐Past VP Americas)

Improving operations performance through energy management

Sergio E. Gouvea da Costa (Pontifical Catholic University of Parana and Federal University of Technology -­‐   Parana, Brazil. POMS-­‐ VP Americas)

 Joint projects between humanitarian organizations and researchers in humanitarian aid: the power of collaboration to leverage impact

Luk van Wassenhove (INSEAD, France. POMS-­‐Past President. Fellow  of POMS and EurOMA)

 Managing global operations networks

Anne Vereecke (Vlerick Business School, Belgium. EurOMA-­‐Past President and

POMS-­‐VP Europe. EurOMA Fellow)

 New developments in the retail industry

Dorothee Honhon (University of Texas, USA. POMS -­‐ VP Communication POMS SCM Chapter)

 New Directions for Services: Research, Policy and Practice

Andy Neely (Cambridge University, UK. EurOMA-­‐President and Fellow)

  New Trends in Inventory Models

 Metin Cakanyildirim (University of Texas at Dallas-USA )

  Suresh Sethi (University of Texas at Dallas-USA . POMS Past president, Fellow of POMS, INFORMS, IEEE, SIAM and RSC)

 OM: Adding value in project management

Jaume Ribera (IESE-­‐Spain, CEIBS-­‐Shanghai-­‐China. EurOMA Past President)

 Operations and Supply chain management in China (tbc)

Xiande Zhao (CEIBS, Shanghai, China)

 Performance measurement systems: present and future trends

Veronica Martinez (University of Cambridge, UK. EurOMA Board)

Andy Neely (University of Cambridge, UK. EurOMA President and Fellow)

Mike Bourne (Cranfield School of Management, UK.)

 Product recalls and worldwide supply chains

Giovani Perrone (University of Palermo, Italy. EurOMA-­‐VP Finance)

Manfredi Buccolari (University of Palermo, Italy)

Recent Modeling Issues in Japanese Supply Chain Management

Hirofumi Matsuo (Kobe University, Japan. Past JOMSA President)

 Resource efficient supply chains

Gerald Reiner (Universitaet Klagenfurt, Austria. EurOMA Board)

Johannes Fichtinger (Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria)

 Risk, Disruptions and Resilience 2.0: Rethinking our current frameworks and approaches

Steve Melnyk ( Michigan State University-USA)

 Risk supply chain

Wei Loo (IESE-­‐ Spain)

Jaume Ribera (IESE-­‐Spain, CEIBS-­‐Shanghai-­‐China. EurOMA-­‐ Past president)

 Seeing supply chains: transparency and mapping

Steve New ( University of Oxford, UK)

 Service Operations in Multifaceted Markets: current and emerging practices

Veronica Martinez (University of Cambridge, UK. EurOMA Board),

Andy Neely (University of Cambridge, UK. EurOMA Pesident and Fellow)

Pavel Albores (Aston University, Aston Business School, UK)

Florian Urmetzer  (University of Cambridge, UK)

 Social Network Theory and its applications in SCM research

 Ram Narasimhan ( Michigan State University – USA)


Supply Chain Financing

 Dale Rogers (Arizona State University- USA)

 Sustainable management in global operations

Matteo  Kalchschmidt (Universita di Bergamo, Italy)

Travel Organizer